A praise on starting La Galerie-Vibrant Art - a free service to help artists' get their works out there!

Here's a review from Dionne Ho on us starting La Galerie-Vibrant Art. She is a watercolour artist, who has a flair in realistic painting and a heart of gold.

She's sent us a beautiful piece up for sale and 20% of the proceeds will go to Big Cat Rescue! 

Here's what she's sent us in an email on 10th Dec '14:-

"I’ve just found out about the new section that Vibrant Art is setting up, just as I finished my latest painting. I think it’s really great that Vibrant Art is providing this portal for artists to get their work out there. Thank you!!

I love wild cats, and when i realised I had a flair for detail and realistic painting, I wanted to do my part for the conservation and prevention of extinction of these beautiful creatures. So I wrote in to Big Cat Rescue, a conservation located in Florida, asking for their permission to use the gorgeous photos they had taken of the wild cats living in their sanctuary. They agreed! This will be the first in my collection that I’m putting up for sale. 20% of the sale of this painting will be donated to Big Cat Rescue to help them build their on-site veterinary facility.

Best regards,
Dionne Ho"

Review on Sennelier Watercolours

On 20th May '14, I posted a blog article titled " You Are Never Too Old To Start Painting". A week later, we were ecstatic to receive a lovely and sincere feedback from Dionne Ho,who did not look a day over 25 years old. I've posted her beautiful paintings which I am sure will inspire many beginners and newly minted artists.


Here's an extract from her email to Vibrant Art:- 


I purchased a set of 12+6 Sennelier Watercolors a little over a month ago and it's been a real pleasure painting with it. I started watercolor painting in mid April completely out of the blue, and I have only painted from photos. Haven't had the chance to enroll for classes yet. I hope to become really good at painting wildlife so that perhaps one day the proceeds from their sales can contribute as donations to support wildlife conservations around the world. I'm 33, I haven't painted anything since I was a child and I'd totally agree that it's never too late to start. So I thought I'd share with you, some of my newbie paintings that I've done with the Sennelier set during the last 3 weeks.


Review received from Dionne Ho, Singapore on 27th May 14.
Click on this link to read VA's blog article titled " You Are Never Too Old To Start Painting"

Review on Isabey Petit Gris Squirrel Mop Brush - Series 6234

Message: Hi Vibrant-Art,

Thanks to VA team for providing a marvelous Isabey Petit Gris Squirrel Mop brush (#2).
I have been using this since few months now and after testing it comprehensively, writing a note of appreciation of the product and service by VA.

It hold ample water and dont anymore need a big flat brush to do initial big washes. It also has that beautiful point which I can use very effectively in my paintings to paint foliage, masts, poles, perspective lines etc. So all in all its a wonderful brush to own it.

Thanks once again to the VA team.


Review received from artist, Sunday Painter, India on 13th Dec '13

Review on Sennelier Extra Soft Pastels

VA received a lovely sms feedback on Sennelier's extra soft pastels: " These soft pastels are wonderful!! It's a real pleasure to draw with, it's incredible..So good!!!"


Review received from artist, Floraine Maligner on 8th Nov '13