Vibrant Art's clearance corner is great for budget conscious artists, students, or simply anyone who wants to enjoy high quality art materials at a much affordable price. Items listed here are either overstocked or have sustained some damage so we have listed them at really rock bottom prices!


Quality of items that sustained some damage are largely unaffected but due to diminished aesthetics, we felt it would only be fair to let them go cheaply!


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***Clearance Prices for FULL PAN Sennelier Extra-Fine Artist    Watercolours will still remain at the watercolour tab:…/

Sennelier Etude Student Fine Oil Colour 200ml -Viridian [869]

Tube base has split. Original price $18.50, REDUCED to $10.50.

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Da Vinci VIRTO - Tablet brush - Series 77 - "CLEARANCE"
 On special request by many of Da Vinci's customers, they realized their ideas of a modern “virtual” brush. The result is a tool, which is haptically convenient, furnished with perfectly retractable, conducting brush fibres and finished with a touch-pen-nip.
Touch-pen-nip and brush work only on capacitive touchscreens. 
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Raphaël Oleo Hog Bristles Brush Series 3630 "CLEARANCE"

Natural Hog bristles carefully selected and boiled up to three times, these brushes offer excellent longevity.
Ideal for painting and blending. Perfect for oil and acrylic.

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