Heavy Duty Brush Cleaners

Sennelier Oil & Acrylic Brush Cleaner 75 ml


Sennelier Oil & Acrylic Brush Cleaner maintains, cleans and conditions your brushes. 

This brush cleaner is formulated to make the cleaning of brushes and knives easier before the paint has had a chance to dry.


Brushes not cleaned properly lose their interlocking quality after a short use. This means that the hairs stand apart. Moreover, the hair and bristles may break at the edge of the ferrule. You can make you brushes last longer by proper cleaning and conditioning.


A wonderful product and a must-have item to care for your favourite painting tools!

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Sennelier GREEN FOR OIL - Brush Cleaner 100ml

Protect your material with our non-toxic liquid cleaner. Deep cleaning of all types of brushes, knives, palettes and other containers before next use.

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