Vibrant Art is an online art materials destination bent on world domination, ONE BRUSH STROKE AT A TIME.....


Alright, seriously, the aim of launching Vibrant Art - Online Art Supplies was to provide a service for professional, student and amateur artists, offering the best possible products at competitive prices, without sacrificing quality. We hunted down high quality art brands from Europe and merged them into 1 uber cool website.


Vibrant Art is bent on being your trusted supplier, where anyone can find their favourite products online and at the same time receive helpful advice on your artistic practices. 


Vibrant Art - Online Art Supplies identified the need for greater access to specialist art materials from our own experience of working locally and having to travel to Europe to source for high quality art supplies.      


We are headquartered in sunny Singapore and have distribution ports all over Asia (12 countries). Thus, we are able to serve our local and global clients with great ease through local and international courier services.


We are obsessed with making your art journey better!


And because we are an online webstore, we are opened 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.