Artists are 'better' protected against dementia - study findings

Art and music are less vulnerable to cognitive decline, a new Canadian study suggests. Neurologists at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto found that artists suffering from vascular dementia may still be able to draw spontaneously and from memory, despite being unable to complete simple, everyday tasks.

Artists compared with non-artists are better protected. Due to their art, the brain is better protected against diseases like Alzheimer's, vascular dementia, and even strokes. They have more reserve in their brain in order to give functions. What was found based on other neuroscience studies was that, art in any of its forms uses different neuronal avenues inside the brain to do their work. And the activity, the talent and the art per se gives reserve when the brain requires that reserve.


They have noticed in some instances that some of the artists who lost their speech, could not talk but had their art was totally preserved. The same results occurred not only with painters but with musicians.


Many schools especially in Asia, emphasize on the ‘core’ subjects such as Mathematics and Science. We should encourage schools to increase the teaching hours of art – whether it’s drawing, painting, sculpting and music.


Even in adulthood, we should balance out our work and put in time to be creative. Not only will we be able to function on a better level, the creativity tends to overflow in the way we approach our work on a daily basis. As we know it, art opens the mind, sometimes even the soul. Make art part of your life now. It’s never too late to start. It’s better than many medications and is as important as any ‘core’ school subjects.


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