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Abstract on Leaves

Acrylic, oil and glass paint on canvas - 60cm x 81cm


The inspiration for the artist came from the sound of leaves dancing with the breeze. Its more intense at the top, softening as the leaves fall. When it reaches the ground, it produces coarse start-stop sound as the breeze drags it along.



Abstract on Trees

Acrylic on canvas - 51cm x 61cm 


A dried leaf on the floor gave inspiration to this. 
Our body is like the trees. Some cells (leaves) are dying while we are still alive. Every cell is connected to another is one way or another. However, in death, no cell (leaf) lives. This is painted using with the palms and nails of the artist.


Abstract on Structure
Acrylic, texture and gloss medium, tissue, wire gauze - 76cm x 51cm


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