YUCKS! There's mould on my painting!

For those living in humid climates or even those with the 4 changing seasons, during those hot humid summer months, you may find your art pieces growing mouldy.


Not to panic, you can use oil of clove as a natural and safe way to remove mould. Clove essential oil removes it by actually killing the spores, not just bleaching and hiding it!  Use a dry or even lightly damp piece of cloth (preferably white and lint free) to clear off the layer of mould first, then use another piece of cloth, add 3-4 drops of clove oil and wipe the surface lightly. Using a new piece of cloth to wipe down your painting prevents you from spreading the mould to another part of the painting.


Remember to purchase ESSENTIAL oil and not the fragrance oil version as those are just chemical imitation of the actual product. It's best to use skincare quality clove oil as you are guaranteed a higher quality product.


Posted by: Desiree, Vibrant Art

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